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Another Fratelli Fanciullacci Find

Its always interesting how things pop up out of nowhere …in multiples.  A few weeks ago I found THIS piece by  Italian maker Fratelli Fanciullacci…and last week I found another from the same series at an auction. Its quite a rare design by this maker and the chance of finding another so soon even rarer.

This quite large bottle form features the same bright and bold cloisonné or stained glass style pattern, hand painted in bright multiple colours, outlined in white tube-lining onto the piece with the same matt brown, oxide washed, brown coloured and carved faux woodgrain pattern.

Inside again is an intense and vibrant lime green gloss glaze. The only difference between the two pieces is the carved treatment which is carried over onto the base with this example.

Fratelli Fanciullacci Fratelli Fanciullacci Fratelli Fanciullacci


Danico Denmark

Danico Pottery Denmark c1900-1929

I used to find pieces like the one below from the Danish Pottery “Danico” frequently, but I haven’t seen any for some time. I think that they are so striking – and immediately recognisable. The pottery was exported in large numbers to the USA and other countries.

The pottery Danico was in a town called Horsens on the east coast of Jutland, Denmark. It started in the early 1900’s – originally from a Pottery begun by Niels Peter Nielsen. The company produced pottery fine wares in the “Skønvirke” style – which was mixture of Jugendstil (German), Art Nouveau (French), Arts and Crafts (English). It had a short life, closing in 1929.

You will often find pieces from Kahler (HAK) Denmark from this era in a very similar style – at times it is hard to tell them apart – (although HAK ceramics are always marked with the HAK sign). The similarity is probably also because two important potters at Danico came from Kahler to work at Danico – Karl Hansen and Frederik Jorgensen. Another of the potters at Danico was Leon Dissing (see next entry)

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