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Homemaker – Enid Seeney – A 20th Century Classic

"Homemaker" A design by Enid Seeney (1931-2011) has become a 20th Century Design Classic.

Homemaker was designed in 1957 by Enid Seeny and Tom Arnold for Ridgway and was sold through Woolworth's. It had a long production run and was still made as late as 1968 such was its popularity.

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Tuscan Fine China

Tuscan Fine China, England

Tuscan Fine China was founded 1878 Staffordshire, England by R. H. Plant. The Plant family were important potters back as far as 1775. They were a strong family business, well run by generations of family members, until 1967 when they were taken over by Wedgwood, who added the name “Royal” as a prefix.

Research and product development was very important to them like other successful English Potteries such as Denby. There were 2 major technical developments at Tuscan in the 20th Century. First was the discovery of a very fine body suitable for hotel ware named ‘Metallised Hotel China’. This ware was very tough and fracture-resistant (discovered by technician and Art Director J. B. Clarke). There was also a china body with a faint pink shade which they called ‘Peach Bloom’.

Tuscan Fine China Pastels

Tuscan Fine China Pastels

What I love about Tuscan China is their outstanding use of colour and also pattern over the decades – especially the use of Pastel colours in the photograph above of a design probably from the 1950s. The quality of Tuscan bone china is also as good as it gets – it is very hard, fine bone china which holds the glazes and decoration beautifully.

Below is one of the highest sellers and most popular designs by Tuscan in the 1950s. Commonly known as “Du Barry Rose” or “Sunshine 001”. Still very popular amongst collectors. The pale pink base glaze is such a soft and luxurious pink – and not harsh at all link many pink glazes can be. Many couples received this set as a wedding gift in the 1950s. Read more