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Maria Philippi – Soholm Designs

Maria Philippi – Soholm

In the previous article you saw some of the fabulous studio work by Maria Philippi. This post is about her work with Soholm Pottery, Bornolm Denmark where she worked 1962-1964 as a designer.  Her designs there were so popular that they went on being produced well into the 1970s.

Maria created a number of designs at Soholm in her 2 years there as a designer – and the images featured here are probably her best known designer from her time with Soholm – and the ones that you will come across most often.

One of the most beautiful, and best known designs by Maria is “Nordlys” (Northern Lights) and you can see why it is called that in some of the lovely colour flares and runs on the Nordlys pieces in the first set of images.

Soholm Nordlys Teapot - Maria Philippi

Soholm Nordlys Teapot – Maria Philippi

Soholm Nordlys Vase - Maria Philippi

Soholm Nordlys Vase – Maria Philippi

Soholm Nordlys Dish - Maria Philippi

Soholm Nordlys Dish – Maria Philippi

Soholm Nordlys Bud Vase, Maria Philippi

Soholm Nordlys Bud Vase, Maria Philippi


Another popular series by Maria is “Granit” – which came in both a blue and a brown glaze. The blue glaze is typical of many at this time from Soholm where on the sharper edges and rims the glaze turns a caramel colour. Read more

Soholm Denmark

Soholm Denmark

Is a favourite pottery brand amongst 20th Century Pottery collectors and design lovers around the world, in addition to lovers of good design looking for a feature piece in their home. Pieces like the massive floor vases and wall plaques make such an impressive design statement.

The range of pottery produced by Soholm during the 20th Century was immense. It was one of the largest and longest surviving potteries on the island of Bornholm Denmark, from its beginnings in 1835 when founded by Hans Ancher Wolffsen, to its closure in 1996.

A large variety of different ceramic artists worked at Soholm including some who have become very collectable. These are just some of the important Soholm Designers/Ceramicists from the mid 20th Century.

Noomi Backhausen (Jespersen) (b1938 – d 2011).
Paul Brandborg
Rigmor Nielsen
Maria Philippi (Soholm 1962-1964)
Svend Aage Jensen
Gerd Hjort Petersen (also worked at Michael Andersen & Royal Copenhagen)
Einar Johansen (worked at Soholm 1958-1966)
Josef Simon
Per Rehfeldt (the last significant designer at Soholm before its closure )

Most of the pottery from Soholm post c1964 is Stoneware (Stentoj in Danish) which has contributed to its longevity and durability. You will often see the base of a Soholm piece inscribed or stamped with the work Stentoj.

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