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Figgjo Tor Viking

This very attractive pattern stands out as another very attractive design by Turi Gramstad Oliver.

I love the colours of Tor Viking with its pacific deep blue, olive green, aquamarine and bright white all combining so well in this pattern.

Tor Viking was in production from 1973-1983. The design was placed on a full range of Figgjo forms which were used on other sets and forms used between 1959 and 1973 – so you will find a huge number of different pieces made in this pattern. You will also find many iterations of the design on the same shapes. 

I read some time ago that the design was inspired by the travels of Thor Heyerdahl and his travels in the pacific ocean on “Kon Tiki” – but I cant find this link documented anywhere now. The colours and motifs in the pattern are definitely those of the pacific ocean and islands though. 

I have a number of pieces of Tor Viking for sale in my online store currently – link in the right had column. 

Figgjo Tor Viking Full Condiment Set on Original Wooden Tray – Turi Gramstad Oliver

Figgjo Tor Viking – Condiment-Cruet Set of Salt, Pepper and Mustard on Original Wooden Tray


Figgjo Tor Viking Saucepan

Figgjo Tor Viking Lidded Sugar Bowl

Figgjo Tor Viking Rectangular Plate

Figgjo Tor Viking – Platter or Rectangular Main Course Plate

Figgjo Tor Viking – Square Butter Box

Figgjo Tor Viking – Teapot

Figgjo Tor Viking – Tea Trio

Figgjo Tor Viking Plate

Figgjo Tor Viking – lidded casserole

Figgjo Tor Viking – Skillet Pan

Figgjo Tor Viking – Large (1 litre) Milk or Water Jug


Figgjo Tor Viking – large sandwich board

Figgjo Tor Viking – Lidded Serving Tureen




Figgjo Turi Design – Village Scene

The delightful scene on this tall vinaigrette bottle form is by Turi Gramstad Oliver, for Figgjo Norway c1970.

It seems to be quite a rare design – depicting various scenes of village life. I have seen variations of it popping up very occasionally online – but I have been unable to find a name for the design –  if it has one.

It may have been a design produced for decor pieces rather than a full production dinnerware line.

The line drawing for the design would have been silkscreened onto the clay, and the colours then hand painted to fill in the design.

If you have a piece in this design, or know any more about it I would love to hear from you.

Figgjo Norway, Turi Design

Figgjo Norway, Turi DesignFiggjo Norway, Turi Design

Below, 2 variations of the designs I have found online: Read more