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Danico Denmark

Danico Pottery Denmark c1900-1929

I used to find pieces like the one below from the Danish Pottery “Danico” frequently, but I haven’t seen any for some time. I think that they are so striking – and immediately recognisable. The pottery was exported in large numbers to the USA and other countries.

The pottery Danico was in a town called Horsens on the east coast of Jutland, Denmark. It started in the early 1900’s – originally from a Pottery begun by Niels Peter Nielsen. The company produced pottery fine wares in the “Skønvirke” style – which was mixture of Jugendstil (German), Art Nouveau (French), Arts and Crafts (English). It had a short life, closing in 1929.

You will often find pieces from Kahler (HAK) Denmark from this era in a very similar style – at times it is hard to tell them apart – (although HAK ceramics are always marked with the HAK sign). The similarity is probably also because two important potters at Danico came from Kahler to work at Danico – Karl Hansen and Frederik Jorgensen. Another of the potters at Danico was Leon Dissing (see next entry)

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