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Bucka Nissen Denmark, Bregentved

The elegant and stylish pattern on this dinnerware matches the equally elegant and stylish forms it is placed on. It seems to have been a very popular pattern in its time as I have come across it quite often over the years. The soft pastel colours and stylish leaf motifs date it to  sometime in the 1950s.

The pattern is called “Bregentved”, and there was also a series of glassware made to match this design made by Lyngby Glassworks Denmark.

The pattern is on dinnerware from a company called Bucka & Nissen (Also spelled Bucha & Nissen) who was a wholesale dealer and distributor of glass and ceramics founded in 1849 in Germany, which opened also in Copenhagen in 1865. From 1865 the two branches of the company then operated as separate companies – the German one closing in 1937 and the Danish one closing in 1968.

It is not clear if the design was printed onto “blanks” from Eschenbach Bavaria, or simply a finished product over-stamped by Bucka & Nissen for sale in Denmark under the Bucka Nissen brand name. Either way it is a very smart and design with classic mid-century elements, on high quality German porcelain.

Bucka-Nissen Denmark "Bregentved"