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Bjorn Wiinblad – Part 2: Rosenthal

Bjorn Wiinblad, Rosenthal.

Number 2 of a 3 part series summarising Wiinblad’s career as a ceramic designer.

Wiinblad began work with German Company Rosenthal around 1957 after being “discovered” by Philip Rosenthal who was looking for new designs for Rosenthal line. This collaboration with Rosenthal became one of the most important in his life and lasted over 50 years.

The work by Wiinblad at Rosenthal is often characterised by its colour saturated, almost psychedelic use of pattern and colour – often highlighted with the use of gold and silver.

I think some of the most spectacular series Wiinblad produced at Rosenthal were the 3 different series of Christmas plates, and out of these the “Gospel” plates, (1971-1982) are undoubtedly the most spectacular with their jewel like use of colour, highlighted with gold outlining.

Bjorn Wiinblad, Christmas Plate 1976

Bjorn Wiinblad, Christmas Plate 1976, Rosenthal

Bjorn Wiinblad, Christmas Plate 1977, Rosenthal

Bjorn Wiinblad, Christmas Plate 1977, Rosenthal

The following is a list of series Wiinblad designed for Rosenthal, from the German Wikipedia site for Wiinblad, which has the best entry I have found on Wikipedia for Wiinblad. The list is not complete, but It has some good timelines and milestones of Wiinblad’s career: Read more