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Royal Copenhagen “Annette”

Royal Copenhagen Annette

This stunning and now quite rare pattern was designed by Berte Jessen in the 1960’s for Aluminia//Royal Copenhagen. It is a hard design to find, and if you are a lover of mid 20th Century design, well worth grabbing hold of if you come across it.

It has to be one of the most beautiful designs I have come across by Berte. It consists of a simple daisy motif medallion either by itself or repeated around the form. The blue glaze is wonderfully textured and has blue hues which vary from aquamarine to a deep cobalt blue with an overall hint of violet. I love the texture and depth of colour she manages to get in her designs, combined with preciseness and flair.

The pattern is called “Annette” and each piece has slight variations in colour and texture, accentuating the handmade feel of the wares.

It is so beautiful to the touch as well. It is from the very important “Tenera” series I have written about previously.

Royal Copenhagen Annette

Royal Copenhagen Annette Tea Cup, Saucer, Plate

Royal Copenhagen Annette

Royal Copenhagen Annette (plate)

Royal Copenhagen Annette

Royal Copenhagen Annette (saucer)

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