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Figgjo Turi Design – Village Scene

Figgjo Norway, Turi Design

The delightful scene on this tall vinaigrette bottle form is by Turi Gramstad Oliver, for Figgjo Norway c1970.

It seems to be quite a rare design – depicting various scenes of village life. I have seen variations of it popping up very occasionally online – but I have been unable to find a name for the design –  if it has one.

It may have been a design produced for decor pieces rather than a full production dinnerware line.

The line drawing for the design would have been silkscreened onto the clay, and the colours then hand painted to fill in the design.

If you have a piece in this design, or know any more about it I would love to hear from you.

Figgjo Norway, Turi Design

Figgjo Norway, Turi DesignFiggjo Norway, Turi Design

Below, 2 variations of the designs I have found online:

Figgjo Norway, Turi Design

Figgjo Norway, Turi Design – found online

Figgjo Norway, Turi Design

Figgjo Norway, Turi Design – found online

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  1. elina #

    Yes, I have. A very big round platter, diameter 36 cm.

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    June 6, 2020
  2. tcmorrissey #

    Hi Ray, like Elina I also have a large 36cm/14″ circular platter in this design, and likewise haven’t found a name. The design has the same border pattern of blue flowers/olive green leaves, and the scene seems to be in a park, with a brass band marching, a pair of lovers on one bench, and a lady in a pretty striped skirt and hat with rosettes on another, amongst trees, flowers and birds. Do let me know if a pattern name turns up!
    Regards, Theresa


    November 13, 2020
    • Ray #

      Sounds lovely, Ive seen it several times now…..but still no one is able to identify either a date or name, possibly because it wasnt dinnerware, but decor items instead. Will certainly post on here if I find out more 🙂


      November 13, 2020
  3. CICH #

    Hello Ray,

    I want to tell you that I have a bottle that is similiar to the one you have (30cmx8cm). It’s a little bit different, there are two birds on it and a house with one rooftop. I think that the back is also a bit different than yours. If you want, I can send you some pictures of it. The bottle was bought in Brugge, Belgium, there is a sticker on it from the shop. The shop no longer exists, so I cant ask information of the vase anymore. But I bought it myself on a fleemarket for €2,50 (catch of the day) in the Netherlands.

    Kind regards,


    November 18, 2020
    • Ray #

      Thanks for that info Camilla, Good find! Over time readers have let me know of a number of variations of this pattern ….and it seems to have been a decor range as no dinnerware items have popped up yet. Ive now seen it pop up on Etsy a few times as well, as vases or decorative bowls.


      November 19, 2020

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