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Biltons Staffordshire

Biltons Staffordshire

Quite often I come across some very smart decorative patterns on Staffordshire pottery marked “Biltons”, with designs from the 1950s to 1970s.

There doesn’t seem to be much written about this maker, except for the timeline below which comes from ThePotteries.Org . They produced mainly inexpensive dinnerware for the domestic mass-market…and their peak seemed to be in the 1960s when they introduced mass production decoration techniques such as rubber stamped pattern making, and multi colour machine printing.

As happened frequently with many of the Staffordshire potteries, Biltons changed ownership often before being unable to continue into the 21st Century due to both changing markets and financial pressures.

Biltons Staffordshire

Biltons Staffordshire

Biltons Staffordshire

Biltons Staffordshire – Photo via FieldsForests Etsy

Biltons Staffordshire

Bitlons Staffordshire

Bitlons Staffordshire via RedRooster1980 Etsy

Biltons Staffordshire

Biltons Staffordshire, photo via Retrophil Etsy

Biltons Backstamp c1970s

Biltons Backstamp c1970s


1900-1912 Biltons Ltd

1912-1986 Biltons (1912) Ltd

June 1986 bought by Coloroll Ceramics

Aug 1990 became part of Staffordshire Tableware following management buyout of Coloroll

Sept 1994 put up for sale by Staffordshire Tableware

July 1995 management buyout from Staffordshire Tableware

August 1998 bought by Dubelle Foundation (offshore investment trust) split into Stoke Potteries Ltd. (manufacturing); Stoke Potteries (Holdings) Ltd.; and Biltons Tableware 1998 Ltd. (sales)

Jan 1999 in voluntary liquidation

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