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T G Green Cornishware

Cornishware Jam Jar T G Green

T G Green Cornishware

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  1. It should be worth noting that the suggestion of Cornish Ware production beginning in 1926 was recently proven to be wrong by the diaries of Tooth & Co Bretby Art Pottery owner Frederick Parker. His handwritten diaries show he came to T.G.Green in 1919 and had a Blue & White striped range, known as ‘E-Blue’ in production by 1922, subsequently named Cornish Kitchen Ware in 1923 after the introduction of Cornish China Clay into the local clay that stopped firing issues in the kiln. This of course disproves the notion of a salesman from Church Gresley going to Cornwall and envisaging the range given the named salesman was only 14 at the time. The first sales document that shows the notion of ‘white waves and blue sky’ doesn’t appear until 1939, some 16 years after production began.


    September 9, 2017
    • Ray #

      Thanks for that info Iain. I will put a sentence up the top of the post to direct the reader to your comments.


      September 11, 2017

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